New Product Announcement: New Distributor Gears

PRW Distributor Gears ensures precise ignition timing, resulting in optimal combustion. This leads to enhanced engine power, improved throttle response, and smoother acceleration. The high-quality materials and precision engineering of our distributor gears contribute to its exceptional durability. You’ll experience a steady and reliable power delivery, eliminating performance inconsistencies and surges that can impact your driving experience.

For more information, please visit: https://store.prw-usa.com/products/timing-components/

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New Product Announcement: Black Label Torq’R  Series Diesel Flexplates

As part of the PRW commitment to quality, our engineering and quality control staff is dedicated to improving production methods, standards and guidelines.  The Black Label Diesel Series provides a moderately-priced alternative that exceeds performance of OEM and many aftermarket replacement alternatives.  

These are compatible with manufacturers specifications, but offer added strength whether used for racing, towing, off-road or other severe duty conditions.  These diesel applications conform to SFI 29.1 standards and include added benefits that performance builders will come to appreciate.  Available for most Chevy Duramax, Ford Powerstroke, and Dodge Cummins applications.

For more Information, please visit: https://store.prw-usa.com/flexplates/torqr-series/
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New Product Announcement: PRW LS Front Drive Distributor Conversion Kit

PRW LS front drive distributor conversion kits are designed for LS1 applications using a 4-barrel carburetor and a distributor. The assembly includes a cast aluminum timing chain cover, camshaft gear and drive adapter hubs that attaches to front of the camshaft timing gear and drives the distributor and mechanical fuel pump (if desired). PRW LS front drive distributor conversion kit can complete the switch from fuel injection to a carburetor and normal distributor for Steet Rod to Racing Applications. Can be used with OEM LS1, LS2, and LS6 camshaft gears, or aftermarket Double Roller/True Roller timing sets. Available Now! 😎


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New Product Announcement: PRW Chromoly Pushrods

PRW Chromoly Pushrods are all new and in stock!  They are one-piece, centerless-ground 4130 chromoly. Our pushrods are designed for heavy duty applications. We carry pushrods for specific engine applications or by length. They are all heat-treated for added durability and have a black-oxide finish. Proudly Made in the USA.

Available NOW! For more information, CLICK HERE to view them on our store!

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New Product Announcement: Rochester Quadrajet® Carburetors

Our new Rochester Quadrajet® carburetors are manufactured with all new components.  They are a significant upgrade to stock carburetors for most GM Automotive applications.  Every carburetor is equipped with our industry first lean/rich adjustment allowing 15% +/- main circuit adjustment to allow for precise tuning with ease.  PRW carburetors are compatible with “C” and “U” style throttle linkages suitable for stock intake manifolds.  Available in 650 CFM for GM Cars and Trucks with engine sizes ranging from 283-350 cubic inches and 695 CFM for GM vehicles with engine sizes ranging from 350-455 cubic inches.  Both carburetors works well with a mild cam or headers for optimum street performance.

NEW PRODUCT Announcement:
Marine Carburetors

In addition to our new Rochester Quadrajet® carburetors, we also offer  two new marine carburetors. These carburetors are also manufactured with all new components.  They are a great upgrade from stock GM marine carburetors and arealso equipped with our industry first lean/rich adjustment allowing 15% +/- main circuit adjustment to allow for precise tuning with ease.  Our carburetors are compatible with Mercruiser Marine throttle linkages.  Available in 650 CFM and 695CFM and meets U.S. coast guard requirements.

Available NOW! For more information, CLICK HERE to view them on our store!

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LSX Magazine’s Article on Valvetrain to Match Your Camshaft

The General Motors LS-based engines respond very well to higher-performing camshaft swaps. But, the higher lift, heavier spring loads, and high-rpm operation can wreak havoc on those OEM rocker arm assemblies. Performance Racing Warehouse (PRW) offers several valvetrain upgrades engineered to work with the higher loads typically experienced when using a performance camshaft. PRW is known for offering great value on branded components you can trust.

Please visit LSX Magazine to view the rest of the article. It can be found here: https://www.lsxmag.com/news/prw-has-valvetrain-upgrades-to-match-your-camshaft/

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Steve Whipple Joins PRW as President and General Manager

PERRIS, CA (October 31, 2022) PRW International (PRW), a designer and global manufacturer of racing and performance aftermarket engine parts and accessories today announced that Steve Whipple has joined the company as President and General Manager.

Steve is a veteran automotive industry executive bringing over 40 years of experience driving premium, innovative products to market serving customers with best-in-class support in the automotive aftermarket.

Whipple is a member of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (“SEMA”) Board of Directors as well as the Custom Automotive Network (“CAN”) Board of Directors formally, Performance Warehouse Association (“PWA”)

Most recently, Steve was the Director, Private Label New Markets at JEGS headquartered in Delaware, Ohio which was acquired by Greenbriar Equity Group earlier this year. Steve was charged with finding industry partners where he could collaborate with designing, manufacturing, creating quality control systems, and establishing a marketing strategy that drives the JEGS private brand of products.

Steve also served as Vice President of Edelbrock Sales and Marketing for more than 20 years. Edelbrock is a global manufacturing leader in the performance aftermarket. Steve worked closely with Vic Edelbrock and the engineering group to develop new products that are relevant as well as industry leading. Steve also led Edelbrock’s extensive private label business serving many major brands within the performance industry as well as automobile, marine and farm equipment manufacturers worldwide. Also working with the major resellers such as e-comm retailers, third party sellers, warehouse distributors, large, big box retail stores, etc. Prior to Edelbrock, Steve served as President and CEO of Nitrous Oxide Systems (NOS) the leader in Nitrous Oxide systems used in automotive racing applications. Steve was also part of the team that supported the Fast and Furious movie franchise with technical and product assistance.

PRW has a tradition of supplying high-quality products for other manufacturers and distributors throughout the automotive industry. These items are distributed and sold under various private label and/or brand names throughout the United States as well as globally.

Bill McGloghlon founded PRW in 2004 will remain deeply involved in the company. Bill has maintained a commitment to uniquely designed product while maintaining industry leading dependability at an affordable price. “As PRW continues to grow, it’s important that we keep adding talented individuals to our organization who can identify new opportunities in the marketplace and work together with our customers, our sales teams, our marketing team, and engineering staff. Steve’s unique background and leadership experience will also serve as a tremendous complement to our Executive Leadership Team. Given Steve’s expertise and credentials, we think he’s a perfect fit for this new role.”

“I’m very excited for the opportunity to lead PRW. The PRW Management Team is highly experienced, capable and has the scope to roll out multiple new initiatives. The growth opportunity is tremendous and has a well-established foundation to launch into the future. Bill and his team have worked hard to get the company to this point. These are the facts that attracted me to PRW” said Whipple.

PRW is happy to share additional information by contacting us at Info@PRWnetwork.com or telephone Tara Garza, Operations Manager at (888) 377-9779, xt 209. Please direct media inquiries to Mike.Purugganan@PRWnetwork.com.


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New Performance Quotient PQx Pedestal Shaft Rocker Arm Systems for Small Block Chevy with AFR or Brodix Track 1 Cylinder Heads

sspictured above:  PN 3535031 SBC AFR 190-195-210 Cylinder Heads, 1.5 Ratio


PRW Industries is proud to present our new line of Performance Quotient PQx Shaft Rocker Arm Systems available for Small Block Chevy with AFR 190-195-210 Cylinder Heads or Brodix Track 1 Cylinder Heads.  We off them with a vast array of ratios;  from 1.5, 1.6 and split 1.5 and 1.6 ratios.

pictured above:  PN 3535035 SBC Brodix Track 1 Cylinder Heads, 1.5 Ratio


These PQx Shaft Rocker Systems are made of 2024 aircraft quality aluminum allow extrusions and are relieved for extra valve spring clearance and anodized for added strength.  They’re rated at 750lbs OSP (open spring pressure) and have an internal oiling system for lasting performance.

PRW has the answer for the racer who’s ready to push the performance envelope with stiffer valve springs, aggressive camshafts, and now AFR or Brodix Track 1 Heads.  Our shaft rocker arm systems offer much more stability than your standard rocker or even a rocker arm set with stud girdles.  Our added ratio options and split ratios also add a great benefit for engine builders and enthusiasts.

Our Part Number Line:

3535031 PEDESTAL-SHAFT ROCKER SYSTEM, CHEV SB 262-400, AFR 190-195-210 Cyl Heads, 1.50 Int/Exh Ratio

3535032 PEDESTAL-SHAFT ROCKER SYSTEM, CHEV SB 262-400, AFR 190-195-210 Cyl Heads, 1.60 Int/1.50Exh Ratio

3535033 PEDESTAL-SHAFT ROCKER SYSTEM, CHEV SB 262-400, AFR 190-195-210 Cyl Heads, 1.60 Int/Exh Ratio

3535035 PEDESTAL-SHAFT ROCKER SYSTEM, CHEV SB 262-400, Brodix Track 1 Cyl Heads, 1.50 Int/Exh Ratio

3535036 PEDESTAL-SHAFT ROCKER SYSTEM, CHEV SB 262-400, Brodix Track 1 Cyl Heads, 1.60 Int/1.50 Exh Ratio

3535037 PEDESTAL-SHAFT ROCKER SYSTEM, CHEV SB 262-400, Brodix Track 1 Cyl Heads, 1.60 Int/Exh Ratio


You can take a look at our line here:  https://store.prw-usa.com/products/rocker-arms/shaft-mount-rocker-arms/chevy-sb-and-bb-billet-aluminum/

-PRW Industries

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