LSX Magazine’s Article on our Double Roller Timing Chain Sets

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Get Rolling With A Double Roller Timing Set From PRW Industries

Anytime you build an engine, the timing chain tends to be one of those parts that isn’t given a lot of thought, especially if a stock engine is the starting point for the build. However, if you’ve ever witnessed the carnage of valvetrain destruction that can occur when a timing chain decides to exit the chat, you will want to give some careful consideration. Enter the PQx LS double roller timing chain set from Performance Racing Warehouse (PRW).

The PQx Double Roller Timing Set for the LS7 is much stronger and more durable than the factory parts and will not prematurely fail or stretch like most single roller timing sets.


PRW has made a name for itself by offering branded, high-performance aftermarket parts that are value priced. Their parts are made in the USA with a focus on keeping components in stock on their shelves. Both aspects are keys to success during the recent supply chain issues that have plagued almost all industries.

The PQx double roller timing set includes timing sprockets machined from billet steel and a large .250-inch seamless double roller chain for longevity. The set also comes with a nine-keyway crank sprocket. This allows for advance or retard adjustments in two-degree increments for a total of eight degrees of adjustment. Offset bushings in the set make cam indexing easy, and the set will fit under most stock timing chain covers (occasional minor machining may be required for clearance in some applications).

PRW has the PQx double roller timing sets available for Gen III and IV engines, including the LS7, LS3, LS2, and LS6. The best part is that these are kept in stock and ready to ship. So if you need to upgrade from the factory timing set or assemble a new build and don’t want to worry about any timing set issues down the road, give these a look.

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