DieselArmy.com: PRI 2019 High-Performance Diesel Shaft Rocker Kits from PRW

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Full Article can be found here: https://www.dieselarmy.com/features/pri-coverage/pri-2019-high-performance-diesel-shaft-rocker-kits-from-prw/



PRW Industries teased the industry a few weeks ago with a simple statement on their website: New Diesel Rocker Arms Coming Soon. As we passed their booth at this year’s PRI show, we spotted their new product line of diesel rockers.

Everyone can agree that diesel engines work as hard as any combustion engine, and they do it in the most hostile environments. Diesel means power. Products designed for diesel engines have to be able to withstand the awesome amount of power, and the heavy-duty applications these engines exist within.

Valvetrain has historically been a weak point for many diesel engines. PRW engineers have worked to help stabilize the valvetrain in these workhorse engines. PRW’s Bill McGloghlon showed us the company’s latest products.

First in line is the Dodge Cummins high-performance shaft rocker system (part #3235911). Designed for the 1987-1998 12-valve 4 and 6 B series turbocharged engines. These shaft rockers come complete with silicon-bronze bushings and McGloghlon assures us “they are a perfect upgrade to allow more power and efficiency from the engine.”

They come with everything you need, from ball adjusters and fasteners to the silicon bronze bushings.

The next new product in the PRW line is a similar item, except for the 1998-2018 24-valve 5.9 and 6.7 engines (part #3240811). “Each rocker is made from alloy steel substantially thicker than stock,” said McGloghlon. “Our shaft system is made as a ‘drop-in’ assembly using the stock ratio.”

For more information on these or other products from PRW, visit them online at prw-usa.com.

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