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PRW Investments Inc. Acquires the Assets of PRW Industries, Inc.

PERRIS, California (November 2, 2023) – PRW Investments Inc., led by industry veteran Steve Whipple with over 40 years of experience, has recently acquired the assets of PRW Industries Inc., a well-known manufacturer of affordable high-performance engine parts and accessories.

Steve Whipple, CEO of PRW Investments Inc.  DBA: PRW Industries

PRW Investments Inc. is committed to upholding the legacy of PRW Industries that Bill McGloghlon started while also bringing new opportunities and innovations to the table. The acquisition represents a significant milestone in our commitment to excellence and growth within the industry. Our goal is to continue providing our customers with high-quality products and services while exploring new avenues for improvement and expansion.

PRW Industries, headquartered in Perris, California, will continue to operate from its current location, where all products are proudly designed, developed, and serviced by seasoned professionals. Southern California has been home since PRW’s inception in 2004.

“Our acquisition of PRW Industries reflects our commitment to providing customers with excellent products and services through the acquisition of a respected manufacturer of high-performance engine parts and accessories,” said Steve Whipple, CEO of PRW Investments Inc. “We will build on PRW Industries’ legacy by continuing to innovate and develop new products making them accessible to more customers.”

PRW Industries’ customers can expect business as usual as the company continues its operations under the new ownership. The acquisition creates an exciting opportunity for PRW Industries and its employees to grow and expand their business under the guidance and leadership of PRW Investments Inc.

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