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NEW Product Announcement: Signature Series Flexplates

Modified diesel engines deliver power and torque that can crack or shatter the stock flexplate.  The PRW Signature Series steel flexplates are manufactured from billet steel forgings, designed and built to withstand 1,500 lbs. ft. of torque.  All are precision-balanced, laser engraved, and SFI 29.3 approved for use in high output diesel applications. Available for Chevy Duramax, Ford Powerstroke, and Dodge Cummins applications.

For more information, please visit:

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Diesel Army’s Article on our Ford 6.0 Powerstroke Head Studs


Diesel Army recently wrote an article about our Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Head Studs.  As this has been growing into a common upgrade for powerstroke owners for many reasons, if you’re looking into upgrading and you’re on the fence about which direction to take, take a look at Diesel Army’s article HERE.


You can take a look at our Ford Powerstroke 6.0 Diesel Head Studs here:

Part # 1036313

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